NO SUCH THING AS A SURE THING: How to Deal With Rapid-Fire Rejection

You guys. I feel like I’m in a one-act play where the main character has two options: jump out a tenth-story window or psych herself into becoming the CEO of her own mega-branded motivational speaking lifestyle channel. Jesus fucking Christ. Either way, the struggle is real.

This week has been, like, an excruciating exercise in rapid-fire rejection. Two breakup texts in the space of three days, plus obvious ghosting by the Tinder Virgin guy from last week, whose blog post recounting our awful second date I haven’t even gotten a chance to finish yet. And should I add to this list the mutual ghosting between me and boring date guy, who ended up never hitting me up again (probably for the best).

So let’s recap: three rejections after one date, and now this rejection even before the first date! Continue reading “NO SUCH THING AS A SURE THING: How to Deal With Rapid-Fire Rejection”