PROFILE NO-NOS: Wannabe Wittiness With a Side of Spelling/Grammar Errors

Guys, I got my first submission to Tinder Angst! It’s actually from my coworker/partner-in-crime in this fledgling Tinder sisterhood.

At first when she showed me Mr. Emmanuel’s profile, I was like, “oh yeah, so bogus when people can’t bring themselves to show their FACE in profiles” (can we all agree that faces are like 89-100% of the game? Duh).

But as it turned out, my coworker had an even better reason to left-swipe. Poor Emmanuel, who fancies himself 27% rogue warrior, mistook himself for a cosmetic product (and a totally 80’s one at that): rouge.

And as long as the Tinder copy-editing police are cruising, I’ll throw in another error I winced at: leaving out the “ly” at the end of “physical.”

VERDICT: Stay classy, Emmanuel.

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